10 Great Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health benefits of green tea

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  • What is green tea?
  • Why is Green tea Beneficial?
  • How to make a green tea?
  • How to make more tasty Green Tea?
  • How can You select best green tea?
  • How can You benefit from green tea?
  • Green Tea Side Effects
  • History of green tea

I am a green tea drinker No, not for its taste. I drink it because of health benefits of green tea I believe it. And I believe also that it is good for my health and keeps my weight under control.

But recently I became interested in knowing some of its qualities. After extensive reading and discussions about it, I am amazed to know about its attributes. So, today’s arrangement is to give you ideas about green tea. But let’s also know about the amazing health benefits of Green Tea:

What is Green Tea?

We understand the green color of Green tea many people. But not really. For general tea, many processions are given as granules, but most of the green is not done. This type of processing is different from the normal type. In many cases, small caps remain.

Green Tea’s popularity is increasing gradually, considering the health benefits of other countries of the world like Japan and China. Green tea can be stored faster than other teas. For this difference in green tea processing, it can hold the highest antioxidant. Green tea has polypropylene content that helps reduce weight and is beneficial to health. However, caffeine in this type of tea is not mentioned in most green tea brands. It is, of course, to be cautious. If someone drinks green at night unknowingly, then his peace and comfortable sleep can fly.

Green Tea
Green Tea

 Why is Green Tea Beneficial?

Many health benefits of Green Tea It helps reduce weight, prevent cancer, protect from a throat infection, stimulates the brain. Even if you want to quit smoking, Green will also help you with it. By covering everything, Green will protect the skin from the old age and the bloodline of the forehead.

How to make green tea?

The right temperature of the water plays an important role in making the perfect green. If the water is hot, its taste will become bitter, and it will lose its fragrance. That is, tea will lose its taste and smell.Therefore, the most suitable temperature for tea production is 75-80 degree Celsius. If you use Tea-Bag, it will take 2-3 minutes. It will take a little more time for tea leaves, 3-4 minutes.

Greean Tea Bag
Green Tea Bag

How to make more tasty Green Tea?

Many people can not eat green tea, because of its taste. So for those who cannot eat green tea, there are some tips that will help keep health well with the taste.

  • Those who love to eat fruit smoothies or juice, mix it with two tablespoons of green tea powder. It can be beneficial to eat it every morning.
  • Grease or barbeque if you mix the green powder with the spices prepared for meat. It will bring different variation in the taste of meat and it will play a great role in keeping the health well.
  • Many people like to eat pudding. You can enjoy a different taste by adding a little green powder during baking time or during baking time.
  • Finally, finish with a fun recipe. If you love making ice cream and eating it, then you can see the green flavored ice cream with different flavors. Taste, health will not be a problem anymore.

Tea selection

Many people have a bad idea about Green’s taste due to lack of good tea selection. NDTV has provided some information about the identity and taste of some of the most popular brands of green tea for Green T’Premis. It is hoped that the brand of tea will be available in nearby shops.


Tateley, Organic Indian, Eco Valley, Gaya, Tajmahal, and Mittal, you can easily get in the mega shop beside to your house or can go now Amazon. According to the variety of brands, its odor can also vary.

You can understand the type of tea in answer to a few common questions. For example,

  • Was the smell of basic and mild or ambitious?
  • Tea kasha or bitter taste?
  • Does the smell of tea encourage us to stay with the cup for a little while or come back to our mouth!
  • Drink not enjoyable!
  • Did tea invite you enough?

If the answer to this question is positive then you will understand that you have chosen to choose the right thing for you. And if you are negative then understand that this flavor is not suitable for you.

 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Great benefits of green tea

                     Highlights Of Great Health Benefits Of Green Tea

  • Weight loss 

  • Controlling diabetes

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease

  • Dietary cancer prevention 

  • Cholesterol 

  • Keeps teeth good

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Removes depression 

  • Anti-viral and bacterial antioxidants 

  • Care of the skin 


Weight Loss 

Green tea increases metabolism. Its polyphenol helps in the process of the caloric intake of food by making the fat oxidation process more effective in the body. As a result, excess fat can not accumulate in the body. A study has found that it burns up to 70 calories a day. That means reducing the weight of 7 pounds per year by drinking regular green tea.

Controlling Diabetes

Green tea apparently helps to control the level of blood glucose. Increased blood sugar levels after eating, which directly controls the green tea.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

Scientists think Green Tea works in every vein of the body. As a result, blood circulation is normal. So, due to any change in blood pressure, there is no harm to it. Moreover, this tea does not block blood clots. As a result, the chance of a heart attack is reduced greatly. It is a great side of health benefits of green tea

Dietary Cancer Prevention 

Green tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer of Gullet. Apart from any damage to the good cells, it eliminates cancer cells overall. Green antioxidants contain 100 grams of Vitamin C and 24 times better than Vitamin E Green is especially used in the treatment and prevention of skin and gullet cancer. It also prevents bleaching on the skin.

Cholesterol And Increasing Memory

Green tea helps reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body. As well as increase the amount of useful beneficial cholesterol.

Green Tea useful for improving memory energy. Green Tea makes the body refreshing from within the body and also helps in improving memory. Although there is no treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, it can control the conditions of acetylcholine responsible for Alzheimer’s and develop some of the conditions.

Keeps Teeth Good

The antioxidant called ‘Catechin’ of Green Tea destroys the bacteria and viruses in the mouth. Which reduces the problems of teeth infections with throat infections.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Experts believe that drinking regular green tea reduces the risk of high blood pressure. I think it is also  great health benefits of green tea of human body

Removes Depression 

Naturally, the name ‘Thiamin’ is found on Amino Acid Tea leaves. This element helps reduce anxiety and frustration.So if you drink green tea regularly get rid of fatigue.

Anti-viral And Bacterial Antioxidants 

Green Tea acts as a preventative agent for all types of diseases from influenza to cancer. It destroys the destructive cells of cancer. The tea catechin material is quite effective as anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The study found that green tea prevented many diseases.

Care Of The Skin 

There is a variety of antioxidants in the Green Tea that slow down the aging process and increase life expectancy. To reduce the viscosity of the eye and the dark circles below the eye, put two bags of green tea at the refrigerator for two hours, close the eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. Moreover, it helps to reduce the sunburn and remove the black head. Green Tea works as a very good toner.

health benefits of green tea

Green Tea Side Effects

Green tea is being used as a medicine for thousands of years. Green Tea helps prevent cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes control, the toxin to remove the body. There are many more healthy qualities. Although the origin of green tea is ground China, this tea is popular in the world today. Green tea has been used in China since about 4000 years ago.We know about health benefits of green tea, but excessive green tea can be reversed.

Know about some side effects of green tea-

  1. We drink green tea/tea when we suffer from a headache. Because our idea is to reduce a headache due to tea. However, due to caffeine in the green tea, the head may suffer from a headache.

  2. Green Tea can stimulate the body and mind, but with more green tea, the mood may get worse. Increased caffeine levels in the body increase the nervous fluctuations. As a result, the mood may also be lost.

  3.  This tea is not more than two-quarters of a day. Caffeine levels in the body may increase by more than 200 milligrams of the heartbeat.

  4. Excessive green tea during pregnancy is likely to cause miscarriage. Green tea cannot be eaten if there is any bleeding disorder. The situation could be worse.
  5. The caffeine present in the green tissue exposes the body’s calcium in the urine. As a result, you can become weak due to calcium deficiency in the body. The liver may be lost even if the necessary components are not available just outside of the calcium.

  6. If there is more chance of having glaucoma under the pressure of eye muscle than green tea, Glaucoma slowly destroys the eyesight.

So drink green tea, but not much and enjoy the health benefits of green tea.

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