Side Effects Of Eating Raw Garlic Everyday


There is no pair of garlic to enhance the taste of food during cooking. This garlic is not only used to increase taste but also has been used as a medicine for a long time. Almost every nation in the world uses garlic to cure diseases. Many people say, ‘Power House of Medicine and Flavor’. Because the raw or pure cloves of garlic is released from many diseases due to regular use.Garlic is not used as a domestic component to reducing hypertension, but it is also effective in preventing heart attack and joint pain. However, it is not only beneficial in nature, but some physical problems can be increased for some of the properties of garlic. It is good to avoid garlic in some cases, though it is healthy.Find out about the various side effects of eating raw garlic everyday –

Side Effects Of Eating Raw Garlic everyday

Highlights of 13 Side effects Of Eating raw garlic everyday 0n empty Stomach

  1. Liver Problems
  2. Bad smell of mouth

  3. Vomiting

  4. Diarrhea

  5. Increases the risk of bleeding

  6. Responsible for the gas problem

  7. Low blood pressure

  8. The reason for eczema or rashes

  9. Eye damage

  10. Headache

  11. Anemia

  12. Pregnancy Pills

  13. During pregnancy


Liver Problems

If you have liver problems, leave it to eat garlic. As the antioxidant is rich, garlic can be spread by poisoning. As a result, liver damage is severe.

Bad smell of mouth

Garlic is also responsible for creating a bad smell on the face. It can hurt anyone’s confidence. So to avoid facial scent, think once more before eating it.


In some cases, eating lemon juice on an empty stomach can lead to vomiting problems. Garlic is also responsible for causing any disease related to the gas problem.


Playing garlic on empty stomach can cause diarrhea. Actually, it is because of causing gas problems.

Increases the risk of bleeding

A study published by the University of Maryland Medical Center shows that garlic may increase the risk of bleeding. For this reason, it is advisable to stop eating garlic at least two weeks before surgery. Otherwise, the number of bleeding increases and it affects the level of blood pressure. Researchers also advised avoiding garlic while taking drugs such as warfarin, clopidogrel, aspirin, etc.

Responsible for the gas problem

Garlic and garlic products are responsible for the problem of gas. One such study was found in Japan. So researchers suggested not to eat garlic to avoid gas problems.

Low blood pressure

Avoid garlic if you suffer from low blood pressure problems. Because this food can also cause complications by reducing blood pressure further.

The reason for eczema or rashes

This garlic is responsible for causing skin problems. There may be a one-sided, rash problem for taking this meal for a long time. So to avoid skin problems, it is better to avoid the food.

Eye damage

High levels of garlic may be worse if the hypothesis (indicating bleeding inside the eye). That’s why you can lose sight of your eyes.

A headache

Garlic plays a role to further increase the pain of a migraine. Although it is not the cause of direct migration pain, it also activates the responsible process of pain. To avoid garlic to avoid a headache.


Garlic reduces hemoglobin levels in the blood. So if there is anemia problem, remove the garlic from the diet.

Pregnancy Pills

If you take regular pregnancy pills, refrain from eating excess garlic. Garlic reduces the effect of the pregnancy insulation pills.

During pregnancy

Garlic makes the body warm. Excessive garlic during pregnancy gives body temperature. This leads to the possibility of miscarriage.

Common side effects of eating raw garlic everyday

  • Unpleasant breath or odor of the body
  • Can burn irritation, throat, and stomach
  • Maybe nausea, vomiting, or gas
  • Can cause diarrhea.


These side effects can occur if you use irregular and unplanned garlic. And if any side effects arise, consult your doctor as soon as possible for a doctor’s consultation.

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