Vitamin C And Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention



According to a recent experiment, meat and high-calorie intake of Rose Diet increased significantly if both males and females increase the risk of colorectal cancer. That is why the friends who have come in the time of putting the button on the wrist while drowning the wrist, surely they will not have to say anymore.

During the experiment, experts noticed that eating this type of diet increased levels of inflammation inside the body. And it is known to everyone that inflammation increases as more and more parts of the body begin to decrease. It also increases the risk of various cancer. In fact, after running the study for about 26050 men and women for nearly 26 years, the researchers do not have any other question that there is a link to meat and high-calorie food with cancer. So if you want to spend the rest of the life in a healthy way, never eat such food at uncontrolled rates.


Vitamin C And Cancer Prevention

Over the past few years, the number of cancer worldwide has increased by leaps and bounds in our country as well. Statistics say that in the year 2015, around 9 million people around the world have died due to cancer and this number will increase further in the coming days. Environmental pollution and all other harmful factors are increasing so much that the doctors are afraid that perhaps there will be one day when one in each family will be infected with cancer. It is normal to fear the situation. But there are ways to overcome this fear.And this article is going to give you the look of this defense.

It is possible to control the spread of the disease through some modern conditions. But if there is a method that says that if you use it, then there will be no danger of cancer. What is that procedure? Multiple studies have shown that eating this diet rich in Vitamin C can not even close to the disease.

Vitamin C and Cancer

Vitamin C is about 10 times more effective than any modern medicine to keep cancer away. During a recent experiment, experts noticed that Vitamin C does not have any alternative to preventing the birth of cancer cells and to kill such harmful cells quickly. The researchers went deeper into the matter and did not stop there, only to find cancer cells and to destroy them, entering Vitamin C body. As a result, the deadly trap of cancer can protect the body Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Vitamin C is also responsible for the fact that after the cancer cell in the body is destroyed the cells are not born again. Therefore, the Survivors should consume more vitamin C-rich fruits and eaters in cancer. So that they do not have such dying cells in their body.

Other Benefits of Vitamin C

 Improve disease prevention

Vitamin C plays an important role in reducing the incidence of fever, cough, and various infections by improving the immune system. Not only this, Vitamin C is also looking at the body so that it can absorb the iron properly. In fact, the role of Iron has played a special role in protecting against any such viral infection. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the body can properly take iron.Benefits of Vitamin C

 Keeps blood pressure normal

Multiple experiments have shown that this particular vitamin is a great way to bring blood pressure to normal levels. So patients with high blood pressure include Vitamin C in the diet from today. If you can not do that, start eating Vitamin C supplement. You will find great benefits.

keep blood pressure normal
keep blood pressure normal

Cataracts prevent

Increased levels of vitamin C in the body decreases the chances of cataract or cataract. Therefore, it is important to eat adult foods that contain this vitamin.

Reduces the risk of heart attack

By consuming green vegetables and fruits every day, vitamin C levels increase in the body, increasing the blood supply to every part of the body, especially in the heart, reducing the risk of different heart diseases. Along with this, reducing the chance of a heart attack.

Vitamin C And Cancer Prevention
Increasing The Blood supply

Vitamin C rich foods

  •  Citrus fruits such as orange lime, lemon, and lemon citrus contain plenty of vitamin C.
  • Raw chilies and dry vitamins also contain adequate vitamins.
  • Amlokio is rich in Vitamin C. In fact, there is about 600-1800 mg of Vitamin C in 100 g of Amalaki.
  • There is no substitute for jam fruit to remove the deficiency of Vitamin-C in the body.
  • This vitamin is also rich in papaya and pineapples. So doctors are advised to eat a few pieces of papaya or pineapple on breakfast every day.
  • Among the vegetables, this vitamin is present in broccoli, cornflower, tomato and bamboo ropes. And Amo Vitamin C is rich in fruit.
  •  Bangali eateries are very much like to eat vegetables, so do not! Keep this in mind, if there is no deficiency in this love. Because Palang is very rich in Vitamin C, which in many ways is beneficial to our body.
  •  Those who prefer potato are less likely to be infected with cancer. Because of the presence of Vitamin C, carotenoid, flavonoid and fiber cancer, as well as several mortal diseases, we continue to protect ourselves from the disease.

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